About Us


Elderslie is a place where Philip and Becky Elder have raised their seven children and have enjoyed a truly wonderful life.  Two of the siblings, George and Alexis, took up the challenge of agricultural entrepreneurship and began growing blackberries and vegetables.

Alexis has married and moved away but George has continued and grown the blackberry operation. His wife, Katharine, is the Elderslie Farm chef and manages Bramble Cafe (mornings in the summer) and Farm to Table dinners and special events. With the completion of the new renovations to the interior and exterior in the late summer of 2016, their ability to share the berries in a beautiful setting has grown.

“No good actions can be taken without the motivation of affection.”  – Wendell Berry

Agriculture at Elderslie is motivated by a love for the land and a hope to balance viable agricultural production with ecological stewardship. Before we knew that Colorado had mountains or Carolina had the sea, we knew and loved Kansas: the locust blossoms in spring, the endless fields of grain and the hedge trees standing like bitter sentinels that defy wind and age along their edges.

We hope to be able to serve and delight our customers with excellent produce and share our place with each one of you.

3501 E. 101st Street North, Valley Center, Kansas  67147