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Behind the Scenes at a Farm to Table Dinner

April 4, 2016
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While we await the renovation of interior spaces and the construction of our new kitchen, we thought we would share a few photos from one of the last dinners to be served from the old kitchen, on October 2nd, 2015. (As soon as possible we will put the next round of dinners on the calendar and reservations can commence.)

Every series of dinners begins with the choosing and testing of recipes based on what’s fresh on the farm or available locally. Some of the prep for each event begins the previous day but most of the cooking is completed on the day of the dinner.

The outdoor spaces are readied for guests. The tables and railing were the creation of Elderslie Woodworks.

The beautiful tables (handcrafted with Kansas walnut that was harvested and milled by Elderslie Woodworks) are set using fresh flowers from our own gardens or the gardens of Chisolm Creek Flowers next door whenever possible. The zinnias used on this particular evening had finished serving their purpose attracting beneficial bugs to pollinate the veggies and deter pests.

Just before guests arrive, final preparations are completed and the staff gather for final instructions.

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A Cold Snap and Berry Covers

March 21, 2016
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As of March 14th, the berries look great but with the promise of 28 degrees or lower in a few days, we were preparing for the north wind to blow, blow, blow. God bless the young men who helped pack 700 sand bags.

The sandbags were delivered to Longfield and rolls of covering were set in place. Many rolls were unrolled and the plants tucked in.

It may have seemed odd to be covering plants in such beautiful weather but the next morning was quite blustery and it was clear that it needed to be done. The remaining berry plants at the farm bramble were covered and then it was time to wait.

After two nights in the 20s, the temperatures rose enough to uncover the berries, but with more cold weather a possibility the covers and sandbags have been left in place in case they are needed again. The preference is to keep the berries uncovered when at all possible since the extending shoots can suffer some “discomfort” when the covers are on.


Temperatures are up so berries are uncovered but covers are in place just in case…

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