Field Trips

We structure field trips around our horticultural year and educate the group about the stage of growth, the plant dynamics and field work that is going on at that time.

Usually we meet at the home bramble, then we can do a walking tour in about 30 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes for questions. We can then have a picnic lunch (which the participants would bring) on the patio. This would cost $225.

If you have a group of 24 or fewer, we could meet at the home bramble and ride the “berry ferry” to Longfield, our larger bramble, and have a more extended discussion. This adds about 10 minutes each way (and the haywagon). We could then return to the patio for the picnic lunch. This would cost $300.

This field trip is geared towards horticultural experience and education and I would recommend that children have several weeks or more of instruction to prepare them to ask meaningful questions and understand some of what is being presented.

If you are interested in coming during the Cafe season (Starting June 1st) your group could come out and have breakfast before or after the trip into the bramble. Blossom (May 1st through May 21 or so) is probably the most interesting time in the bramble.

I am happy to answer more questions on that as needed. Feel free to email me.