Product Description

You Pick For 2016 Is completely Full. We look forward to seeing our booked guests on Thursday and Saturday, but we will not be posting any more days this year. Thanks to everyone who chose to share the bramble with us!

Choose the number of pails you (and your group) would like to fill and click any green date (half-green means spots are available; no color means no picking that day or it’s full).

Each pail is 2.2 quarts and costs $14 plus tax. Please note that you will pay at the Cafe when you come – your total order here will show up as $0.00. Arrive between 7 and 10:30 AM.

The You-Pick calendar is updated every Thursday at noon through the season and the next week’s picking spots are posted.

When you arrive at Elderslie Farm, park in the new parking lot and have breakfast at the cafe if you’d like, or just line up at the “Berry Ferry” (haywagon), where you will be given a pail and instructions. (If it’s a “home bramble” picking day you will pick near the cafe.) Those picking at Longfield be transported the short distance there in our new hay wagon.

No special clothing is required, but tennis shoes or walking shoes are encouraged. Our brambles are well manicured and do not require gloves. The ground is not level, however, and persons with crutches or other walking impairments should use caution or remain at the Bramble Café during picking.

Once you pick, refrigerate or cool blackberries as soon as possible to preserve their shelf life. Come as early as you can in the morning and get your berries into refrigeration as soon as is possible. If you are dining at the café there is room in our fridge to cool your berries. Once you get your berries home and in the fridge, you should have 3-5 days of good shelf life. Do not wash berries before storing but do give them a rinse before eating.

We use natural practices in our bramble. We use compost, digested fish and minerals as the basis of our fertility program. We use neem oil, beneficial bacteria, seaweed extract, and elemental products to help sustain plant health and encourage insect balance. Our sprays used on the plant canopy are 100% natural products. We strive to use cultural practices like pruning to manage insects and diseases.

To recap, picking at Elderslie Farms is by the pail. We will provide you with a 2.2 quart pail which you can fill for $14. Pickers must arrive before 10:30 a.m. and are encouraged to come early to enjoy the cool of the morning. We ask that you leave room at the top of your pail(s) for the lid to be attached.

Click here to order pre-picked berries.