2/6/18: I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what an amazing event we had!  I heard nothing but glowing comments, and for good reason.  The venue was absolutely beautiful (very warm feeling, loved the fireplaces being lit, loved the soft music, away from the city), just felt so homey.  Loved and so appreciated the nice gentleman that opened the door for everyone.  What a nice touch…who does that anymore??  The wine servers were always on – never heard of anyone doing without and were so gentlemanly and professional.  The tables were cleared quickly in between courses (I know you hadn’t done that before, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell it!), and the tables looked lovely with the napkins so beautifully folded (three different folds, no less!).  And then, there was the food…oh, my goodness!  What a treat.  It was absolutely amazing!!  You will certainly be highly recommended and I can’t wait to enjoy what you have to offer in the summer!

Thank you so much, again, for a truly beautiful evening.  That experience will be hard to top in the future!