CSA Terms of Agreement

By signing this contract I commit to membership in Elderslie Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for 2015 beginning in June and terminating in September. As the CSA member, I accept full responsibility for the collection of my weekly CSA share.

The priority of my farmer at Elderslie Farm is to serve me with a weekly share of fresh vegetables. As a CSA member I will realize and participate by membership in the ups and downs of the weather and the inherent risks of an agricultural endeavor. I acknowledge that Elderslie Farm practices a wide variety of growing techniques that aim toward minimizing the risk of crop failure including cover cropping, irrigating, training, pest management, crop rotation, and careful tending. I understand that Elderslie Farm will do its utmost to ensure the delivery of my weekly CSA share but if for some reason they are unable, I am aware that I may request my payment back for the week. I will only request my money back if there is complete failure on the part of the farm to deliver my share in full (this means you’ll accept a share full of turnips if that’s all we have).

I agree to show up at the specified time and location below unless I arrange alternate pick-up (Saturday mornings at the Kansas Home Grown Farmer’s Market on 21st & Ridge Road between 7am and noon for an extra $5 delivery charge) with the farm prior to the normal weekly time:
Day: Friday evenings (beginning June 5) 3:00pm-7:00pm
Location: Elderslie Farm. 3501 E. 101st N. Valley Center KS, 67147
I understand that I am responsible to check my email for any updates that may affect my weekly subscription to the Elderslie Farm CSA program.

I agree to be a participant in the Elderslie Farm CSA program and acknowledge and accept my responsibility to contact the farmers at Elderslie Farm if I have any questions or concerns regarding my subscription. I will conduct myself in a manner that is respectful and proper in my interaction with other CSA members and the farmers at Elderslie Farm. I realize and accept that Elderslie Farm reserves the right to cancel my membership at any point during the growing season if my participation is considered inappropriate by the farmers at Elderslie Farm.

I accept responsibility for finding someone else to pick up my CSA share on my behalf if at any point during the season I am unable to collect it myself.

In the case that I do not show up to pick up my weekly share of vegetables, I understand that the farm reserves the right to either resell my produce or donate it to a local food bank.

I will do my best to uphold this agreement with Elderslie Farm